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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weekly Rip (12/22/09)

This week's song is by Brazilian jazz-fusion singer Flora Purim, is the title track from her album "Stories To Tell (Milestone, M-9058)" released in 1974.

The players on this album read like an all-star line-up: George Duke, Earl Klugh, Airto, King Errisson, Carlos Santana, and Ron Carter are a few of the names.

Very solid record from front to back.

The title track is funky to say the least. It starts out with a solo bass groove, then the drums kick in and really carry the track. Flora's vocals float over the track, nicely complementing the groove. Definitely a more funk oriented fusion track, but not in a corny way. Beat-heads would love the richness of sample sources throughout the track.

The players on "Stories to Tell" (the song) are as follows:

Flora Purim - Vocals
George Duke - Keyboards, ARP Synthesizer
Earl Klugh - Guitar
Airto - Drums, Percussion
King Errisson - Congas
Miroslav Vitous - Bass, Moog Synthesizer solo

Flora Purim - Stories to Tell (MP3)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekly Rip - 12/13/09

So I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing joints from my collection. This is the first edition.

I found this 45 at one of my local digging spots, along with a bunch of other great joints, but this is definitely one of the best. From the label Karen, which was distributed by ATCO. They formed in 1962 and disbanded by the end of the decade. From what I can (and can't) find about this 7inch on the net is that it's a hard to find joint. So yeah, here you go......And you know the jingle from the Cool Whip whipped cream commercials? It's taken from their song "Cool Jerk", obviously "whip" replaces "jerk" in the commercials.

The track has a nice groove to it, nice guitar & bass work in a 60's soul style.

The Capitols - Soul Brother, Soul Sister (Karen, 45-1543)