The Earth is Round, Don't Be Square

Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Release, "Trilla Soul"

First in a series of singles I will be releasing in during the year, Trilla Soul is an expression in audio of a game which I was born to love:  Basketball.

A mixture of grace, power, and personal style, the game of basketball is the physical embodiment of the gut-deep feelings that music channels through our ears.  As I've grown as a person, I've come to realize this relationship, and thus I have been able to better express myself and communicate with others (understanding -----> growth).  Verbal communication is the dominate, but not the definitive form of communication.  I do not believe there can be a definitive form of communication because I believe there are expressions which do not clearly translate between forms (visual, verbal, physical).  In the case of this single, I believe that the absence of vocals allows one to shake the constraints of words and their definitions, while concentrating more on elements of non-verbal, expression through sound.

Note:  From my point of view as an artist, I feel as if there is much fuss made in regards to describing contemporary music of the day.  Adjective after adjective, relations in sound to artists of the past ("take ____ , mix it with ____, and you'll arrive at the sound of ______"), and while this may work great for ramping up interest (attracting unfamiliar ears), I believe that ultimately, in an over-analytic world, this kind of meticulous definition does a disservice to the artist(s) in which it is trying to describe.