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Friday, April 2, 2010

Early April Digs

Went out on the 1st to grab some joints to listen to/chop up/stash away in the collection. Good way to start off the month.

Funkadelic - Funkadelic
Funkadelic - Let's Take it To The Stage
OutKast - Aquemini
Miles Davis - Water Babies
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Muddy Waters - Electric Mud

I needed the 2 Funkadelic joints, now I believe I have all the 70's Funkadelic branded George Clinton productions, need 2 more for Parliament, I think. I dig the early Funkadelic a lot. The tripped out bluesy, psych-rock, funky sound differs highly from the later releases and just go to show you the extent of George's genuis. The "Electric Mud" album by Muddy Waters also plays with that psychadelic sound as he had Rotary Connection as the backing band for that album. Check the back story for the making of that album, very interesting.

Then we got Miles. "Kind of Blue" and "Water Babies" To different periods in his career. I'm not super-well versed on his phases, but I dig the electric stuff the most. Which reminds me, I need his "On The Corner" album on wax. My favorite Miles album for sure (from what I've heard thus far).

Last but not least, OutKast took it even further out of this world when "Aquemini" dropped. Phew. Talk about stank. In my head this album is like late 90's evolution of that mid-70's P-Funk stuff, updated to the styles of the day - 1998 that is.

And on another note, I finishing up the music for my EP. Good stuff.

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