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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Morning Jazz Post

Sunday morning makes you feel so lovely (as Outkast once stated on the 'any given sunday' ost).

In a Jazz mood today. First record I threw on was Yusef Lateef's "Hush n Thunder". Great record, Lateef is in his classic moody-funk bag here (yeah I just coined that).

I was actually put on to Mr. Lateef through some records I inheirated from my Grandmother (rest her soul). They must've been sitting in the bottom of this drawer for some time (I never saw her play one and she didn't have a record player any longer). One which I crawled and walked by for years. "The Complete Yusef Lateef". Also from her I got Eddie Harris's "Silver Cycles", which put me up on Eddie as well. Grandma on the cutting edge of jazz.

Sunday morning.

It's pancake time.

Love you Grandma.

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