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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ear Boogies (3 Picks for the Day)

Herbie Mann Afro-Jazz Sextet + Four Trumpets "The Common Ground" (1960) A great early Afro-jazz release by Herbie Mann. The B side really shines on this record. The band gets deep into the rhythms of Africa with "Uhuru", then ease a bit more jazz into the mix with the subtle power of the Dizzy Gillespie staple, "Night in Tunsia", and then bring it out with the intensity of the title track, which swings in a way Sir Duke would be proud of.

Herbie Mann Afro-Jazz Sextet "Common Ground" at Discogs

Art Blakey and the Afro-Drum Ensemble "The African Beat" Powerful drumming. And not just in a physical sense, but a spiritual one as well. Not too long ago, the great folks over at the Roy Ayers Project wrote a nice article, so I linked yall to it.  

"The African Beat" article at the Roy Ayers Project

Gato Barbieri "El Pampero" Live, unrehearsed, and alive with spirit! Drummer Bernard Purdie, bassist Chuck Rainey, and percussionist Sonny Morgan, sit in with Gato (along with 2 of his regular band mates, Nana Vasconcelos, percussion & Lonnie Liston Smith, piano) and fly!

Gato Barbieri "El Pampero" at Discogs

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