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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Release: "Mecca" EP

A short but sweet, 3 track EP, inspired by and conceived as a nod to the often overlooked emcee/singer/artist, Ladybug Mecca, formerly of Digable Planets.

I've done several remixes in the past of Mecca's verse from the Digable song, "9th Wonder (Blackitolism)", because it is favorite song/verse of mine.  Earlier this year, I decided to give it another go and  I dug the vibe of the new remix so much that I decided to go a step further, taking it from being simply a "remix" or "edit" and turning it into a new song, w/ the vocals rising and cresting within the current of the song arrangement, which is comprised of 2 movements.

Accompanying the title piece are two instrumental pieces:  "Those Rhythms" which is a deeply percussive track and "Check Your Time Piece" is a soulful, broken beat styled number.

Created with intentions of a release on 7" vinyl (fingers crossed), the short song times have a depth within the arrangements which I believe will have high replay value for the listener.

This project is a summation of many influences.  Musically speaking, artists such as Marcos Valle, James Brown, Herbie Mann, Madlib, amongst others, have all been influences of late.  Due equal - if not greater - credit are the recent events which have shaped my personal life, and I tried to communicate that through the music as well.

Respect due to Ladybug Mecca & all of those who helped me bring this project to fruition!

Produced & Arranged by Bruce Geter-Richards
Cover drawing by Cory Bowman
Layout & Collage by Bruce Geter-Richards
Liner Notes by Charles Adams
"Mecca" contains portions "9th Wonder (Blackitolism)" performed by Digable Planets

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