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Sunday, November 2, 2014

360 Degrees of Black

First and foremost, my philosphy as to what I do as a DJ is simple: present the music that I enjoy in a manner which highlights the inter-relationships of varying emotions/feelings, sounds, and rhythms. Secondly, I believe that the one playing/showcasing the music is always secondary to the music itself. The time I have spent - and continue to spend - searching for music has led to continuous refinement & evolution of my ear for music. I believe the music a DJ plays should be reflective of the DJ, as to give the listener an honest and more human experience.
Musically, this mix is a representation of the emotions & sounds which I feel represents me as a person with the song sequencing highlighting the relationship between all of these feelings.
360 Degree of Black has a two fold meaning. On one hand, it simply represents the time-tested medium of which I chose to play my music on, vinyl. But more importantly, it is a representation of the deep, rich, culture of music which has been created, performed, and influenced by the people of the African diaspora, for through this lense is how I view the world.
Aside from the music, this mix also highlights ways of thinking which have shaped how I relate to the present day world and the feelings which are contained within this mix serve as an ambassador of Black cultures worldwide, with music being the universal language we can all understand.
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