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Sunday, April 27, 2014

What is Hip Hop? Thoughts on the fly...

Hip Hop, to me, is not as much a musical style, as it is an approach to music, and a scope through which life can be viewed.  It is about natural progression, using what is around you as a vehicle for expression.  Often times we see folks talking about "real hip hop" and pointing towards something made in the mid-90's - that is nothing more than a signal of the inability to adapt to, and contextualize the present day world, using as fuel to continue moving forward (if something is considered "dead", why continue to cloak yourself in it?).

The musical traditions of Hip Hop started from dj's playing various genres of music (years before traditional Hip Hop records existed) and channeling the energy towards a common destination (a good time).

Now, Hip Hop as we see it being presented to us today from media outlets is just as worthy as being called such but is simply very limited in scope.  Just as there are many ways to prepare and cook some shrimp (word to Bubba), there are many ways to approach the creation of Hip Hop music.

Labels are made for selling.  Before a product is sold though, it takes a creative mind to bring it into existence.  So while I understand how things must be packaged and sold, when getting down to the crux of things we must realize that expression is foremost in art, thus the reason I felt the need to address what I believe Hip Hop truly IS at it's core.  After we know what something is, then we know what it can be, then it is the consumers choice to decide whatever  they like best.

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