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Sunday, January 2, 2011

In the Lab

Well in my living room, but you get the idea. Sporting the microKorg courtesy of my man DJ Image (on tour nationwide with Slacker Radio right now).

Working on a track for an EP I plan on releasing in this new year. Made great progress this past December, conceptually, helping me get a better vision of where I want to take it. My influences and ideas feel like they are starting to settle and gel together very naturally, marking a very creative period for myself. I believe this is my best production work to date. I take a lot of time even on the smallest pieces of my music, so this should be finished this upcoming spring, and be readied for the summer. But that's ideally, I don't impose time-limits on myself, because I don't follow them! Haha.

How would I describe this music I'm working on? Well check out the post throughout this blog and you'll find many things I have drawn inspiration from. I've been on a afrobeat/highlife kick for sometime now, with salsa and other afro-latin sounds follwoing ride beside. So those undercurrents are very present in the music. Peppered with touches of what I think of in my head as spiritual soul jazz (a hodgepodge of influences that seem to dance around in my head in unison), the album when completed will attempt to present my thoughts and feelings in a musical format.

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