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Monday, January 24, 2011

Some more catches

Went fishing once again.

Mr. Roy Ayers debut album is a great piece of late 60's jazz. Really good jazz, not soul jazz, not fusion, but JAZZ. Recommended for folks who want to get a glimpse of Roy before his soul/funk workouts. It's produced by Herbie Mann too.

Bob & The Wailers "Survival" is the Jamaican press. Mine bears no catalog number (1979).

The Dollar Brand LP is cool. Only 2 tracks. After one listen, I like the B side, "The Pilgrim" a lot more. But I'll have to give it another, more thorough listen. "The Pilgrim" is a nice flowing piece, I like the mood it sets.

The J.B.'s "Damn Right I'm Somebody" is a great album. I had been looking for "Blow Your Head" for a minute! The synth intro is dooope. I think the music from a pre-75 JB's album speaks for itself, not anything my review will do for it!

And last, but certainly not least, Rev, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's Why I Oppose The War in Vietnam speech. He touches on so many important topics in this one. I think it is his best speech. Everyone could benefit from a listen, a thorough listen, and then one more. His words ring too true, even today. His birthday is on Jan. 15th, same as mine. Just had to throw that in there. Haha.

PS: I don't know why the image is vertical like that.

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